A second Republican officially joined the race for president. The Illinois governor puts out a call for more early childhood education along with a big price tag.

And Iowa state lawmakers consider relaxing some child labor laws.

We talk about that with Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil and former Iowa State Rep. David Millage.

Also, Senate File 167 is not getting a lot of attention in the news media, so we bring it up here.

The legislation would make significant changes to child labor laws, specifically by relaxing some rules for younger teenagers. Work that is currently illegal for 14-year-olds would be allowed under the proposal … jobs in mining, meatpacking and industrial laundry, for example, with inherent dangers.

In some cases, they would be allowed under apprenticeship programs. Others would just be allowed straightforward. And there would be little recourse for teenagers hurt or killed on the job. Companies would have limited civil liability under this proposal.

This already cleared subcommittee.

“There will be regulation, and there will be protections. And remember the parents have to agree to this also,” Millage said.

“A small increase in benefits – you may have much greater luck recruiting new workers,” McNeil said.

Hear what else our panelists say when you click on the video.

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