Pritzker’s conversation with Blagojevich could linger through campaign

4 The Record

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week.

+ President Trump wants a parade.

+ J.B. Pritzker fights off criticism after new details of his conversation with former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich come to light.

+ Overdrive on stolen cars.

All things we’ll talk about this morning with Democratic Political Consultant Kevin Perkins and Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann.

Stolen cars

Let’s go back to the legislation proposed by Iowa State Senator Roby Smith that tries to go make a dent in the stolen car problem.
It focuses on increasing the penalties to act as a deterrent, but does it have the right direction?

Perkins and Kaufmann agreed that it won’t solve the problem and that there is no quick fix, but enhanced penalities might make juveniles think twice.

Pritzker audio

Illinois’ governor’s race will see a ton of money and a ton of drama.

More drama came this week surrounding the campaign of billionaire Democrat J.B. Pritzker.

Pritzker apologized for advice he gave to then Governor Rod Blagojevich about possible appointments for the U.S. Senate seat to replace Barack Obama.

The Chicago Tribune obtained the audio of the conversation.

Pritzker suggested that Blagojevich appoint Secretary of State Jesse White to the post saying, “Even though I know you guys aren’t like, you know, bosom buddies or anything, it covers you on the African American thing.”

He also called a potential Jesse White appointment “the one that’s least offensive and maybe gets you the most because it gets you that Secretary of State appointment.”

The Democrats are all vying for the African American vote.
Pritzker has piled on endorsements, including one from Jesse White.

As far as how much impact this can have on the race, Perkins felt it could alienate an entire voting block and that being “recorded by the FBI talking with, as it turns out, a corrupt politician” won’t help his chances. 

Kaufman agreed: “If you’re a Democrat, you can’t just with a wave of the hand completely dismiss an entire voting block… and he’s caught on tape.”

Trump parade

President Donald Trump wants to throw a parade to show off the United States’ military might with tanks, jets and missles all on display.

This wouldn’t be a first.

The last time we saw this was in 1991 after the war in the Persian Gulf. That cost $12 million.

This is typically something we see in Communist countries every year.

Kaufman and Perkins debated the point of doing it here.

Kaufman felt Trump was simply looking for more ways to honor the military, while Perkins thought it was a waste of resources with so many other things that need to be taken care of.

“Everybody knows how large our military is,” Perkins said.

Government shutdown

We have a deal to avoid another shutdown of the federal government.

Technically there was a shutdown for about eight hours.

Leadership from both parties reached a spending agreement and it’s not the typical kick the can down the road for a couple of weeks or months like we’re used to seeing.

This is for two years.

It increases military spending that Republicans want and provides for domestic programs Democrats want.

What’s to like and what’s not to like about a deal of this nature?

Perkins and Kaufmann agreed that there are good things in it, but it depends on how it is administered, while Kaufmann praised the opportunity to “rebuild the military to levels before the previous eight years.”

Watch the full panel discussion in the video above.

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