Property tax cuts in Iowa among big questions for legislative session

4 The Record

Iowa State Representatives Cindy Winckler and Norlin Mommsen joined 4 The Record this week. This is the second past of that conversation.

Income tax

You go into this session fresh off of one where Republicans made sweeping changes to the state income tax system.

Now there’s talk Republicans could cut property taxes.

Winckler and Mommsen talked about how likely that is and if the state’s economy can handle more tax cuts.

New relaxed rules

Republicans adopted new rules that relax the rules when it comes to notifying the public about committee meetings.

The rule used to require at least 24 hours notice.

Now it just has to be done at least the day before and there’s no language that requires making subcommittee meetings open to the public.

Democrats are among the critics that it restricts transparent government. Republicans downplay that.

Are Democrats overreacting? Are Republicans over-reaching? Mommsen and Winckler discuss.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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