Donald Trump’s strength in the polls hasn’t wavered after any of his indictments or his absence from the first debate. However, there are Republicans speaking out about whether he’s eligible to run legally.

Presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson brought up at the debate that he and some conservative scholars think Trump is disqualified because of Section Three from the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which basically says no person shall hold any office after taking an oath to support the Constitution after engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the Constitution or aided or comforted its enemies.

The argument can be made the criminal cases against Donald Trump accuses him of this.

Host Jim Niedelman is back with former Iowa State Rep. Phyllis Thede and Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann.

“This is a coalition of liberals and ‘never-Trump’ Republicans,” Kaufmann said. “The bottom line is this ultimately could go to the Supreme Court.”

“At this point, it’s not something that’s going to get done until we see what happens with all these indictments,” Thede said.

Hear what else they have to say when you click on the video.

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