Sanctuary cities now being declared for gun rights

4 The Record

Here are some of the topics our panel discussed on 4 The Record this week.

+ A threat to close the border with Mexico from the president.

+ A plan to restore the voting rights of felons in Iowa faces a tough obstacle.

+ A lot of local governments in Illinois are working around tough gun laws.

Those issues came up for discussion with Democratic political consultant Kevin Perkins and Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann.

Gun laws…

… and governments that are avoiding them.

We’ve heard the term sanctuary cities used a lot as it applies to illegal immigration.

It turns out there are also sanctuary cities in places that want nothing to do with restrictions on gun rights.

There are a lot of them in Illinois.

In fact, 62 of 102 counties in the state adopted some form of sanctuary resolutions vowing not to enforce these laws.

Perkins and Kaufmann discussed how effective gun laws or any laws can be if this happens and if anything can or should be done about it. 

Voting rights

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made it clear earlier this year that she supports a consitutional amendment to restore the voting rights of convicted felons who paid their debt to society.

A measure to do that cleared the state House.

The Senate is the big stumbling block.

The Senate judiciary committee won’t vote on it before the upcoming funnel deadline.

Kaufmann and Perkins talked about how much of a setback this is for the governor and for Iowa?

Border threats

President Trump went back and forth on his threats this week to shut down the border with Mexico.

Democrats aren’t the only ones who oppose this.

Most Republicans see this is a potential economic disaster.

Perkins and Kaufmann addressed how seriously Americans should take it.

What do you think about what seems to be impulsive behavior?

Affordable Care Act

President Trump also renewed his fight against the Affordable Care Act.

The Justice Department filed a brief with a federal appeals court arguing to throw out the health care law entirely.

Republicans are conflicted.

There are reports Senate Republicans want the president to lose in court.

They fear it could cost them in next year’s elections.

The issue played a big role in the midterms.

Kaufmann and Perkins discussed the political implications.

Watch the entire conversation in the video above.

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