Senator Neil Anderson and Democrat Gregg Johnson prioritize growth in Illinois race

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On Tuesday, the votes will be counted. Big decisions will be made in the midterm elections. A lot of money’s being spent in Illinois and Iowa.

Iowa’s highest profile race on the ballot is the race for governor.

Republican Kim Reynolds hopes to be elected to the job she’s held for almost two years for the first time.

She faces a tough challenge from Democrat Fred Hubbell.

The latest Des Moines Register poll shows Hubbell slightly ahead 43 to 41 percent, well within the 4 percent margin of error.

We can’t forget the battle of the billionaires in Illinois between Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner and Democrat JB Pritzker.

This has been a vicious campaign.

Pritzker goes into the election leading in the most recent poll by 22 points. 

Races for Congress as well as the state legislatures in Iowa and Illinois are up for grabs.

One of the more heated races around here is for the Illinois state Senate representing the 36th District.

That’s Rock Island County.

Incumbent Republican Neil Anderson seeks a second term.

It’s a seat once held by Denny Jacobs and his son Mike for decades until Anderson won it four years ago.
When not in Springfield, Anderson works full time in Moline as a firefighter and paramedic.

Anderson is being challenged by Democrat Gregg Johnson.

Johnson is a retired union leader, former president of AFSCME Local 46

He spent his career as a supervisor in the Department of Corrections.

Johnson also once served as vice chair of the board of directors for the Hope Creek Care Center.

Here’s how the money breaks down in this race. Both candidates are spending a lot of it.

Anderson spent $479,000 from July 1 to September 30.

Johnson easily doubled that by spending more than a million in the third quarter.

However, Anderson went into the last month of the campaign with $223,000 in the bank — more than four times the $52,000 in Johnson’s bank account.

This is arguably one of the most intriguing races going into the election aside from the governor’s races.
Both Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson and Gregg Johnson joined 4 the Record for a conversation.

Both talked about their biggest priorities if elected.


This year saw Illinois adopt the first full budget during the Rauner administration.

Those prior budget failures angered people in Illinois, but that first full budget wasn’t exactly balanced.
The state has a $1.2 billion deficit.

Anderson and Johnson discussed ideas to close the deficit and solve the state’s ongoing budget problems and how important bipartisanship is when it comes to passing a budget.

Taxes and spending

We hear the Democrats push for a graduated state income tax to replace the current flat rate of 4.95 percent.

This would require a constitutional amendment and arguably could be a promise that can’t be fulfilled.

We asked Johnson and Anderson what they think is workable when it comes to raising revenue and cutting spending.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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