There will be no shutdown of the federal government. 

Legislation pushed by new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson steered clear of spending cuts. It made it through both chambers. 

It now kicks the can down the road to next year, and it will create two deadlines for different federal agencies: Jan. 19 and Feb. 2.  

Host Jim Niedelman talks about that with Democratic political consultant Porter McNeil and former Rock Island County Republican Party Chair Drue Mielke. 

“This is a time in our world when we need to stop playing politics and start governing. We’ve really got to work together,” Mielke said.

“At the federal level, I don’t remember when Republicans supported Nancy Pelosi on legislation that was important. Negotiation is at the heart of good government,” McNeil said.

To hear what else our panelists have to say, click on the video.  

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