You heard Tom Steyer say earlier he joined the presidential race late because he wasn’t satisfied that the other candidates in the race didn’t make climate issues a bigger priority.

It’s one of the focal points of his campaign.

His climate policies include some ideas you haven’t heard from other candidates.

He also doesn’t think it will be as expensive to convert the energy grid as people think.

He’s been criticized for this issue too because his hedge fund invested heavily in an Australian coal mine.

He left the firm, but this happened under his watch.

Steyer discussed why Democrats should trust him when he hasn’t always put his money where his mouth is.

He set a goal to have a complete clean energy economy by 2045 with an emphasis on electricity generated by wind and solar.

Steyer discussed how much the government has to spend to incentivize that or subsidize that and is there room for nuclear energy expansion under a steyer administration

Steyer talked about addressing the climate at the grass roots level: $250 billion over a decade spent on climate bonds and creating a civilian climate corps with a million jobs.

Steyer explained why he thinks that can be effective, if there is a risk this adds a layer of bureaucracy and slows down the work you say needs to be done.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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