Taxpayer money to private schools on the table in Iowa

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GOP pushing expanded choice in primary education

President Joe Biden and the Democrats could struggle adopting their ambitious agenda without a strong majority in Congress, new regulations could come down for big tech companies like Facebook and Google and Republicans in Iowa push forward on changes to education that would give parents more choices where their kids go to school.

We covered all of that and more this week on 4 The Record with Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann and former AFSCME Local 46 President Gregg Johnson, a Democrat.

Iowa schools

There is the potential for significant changes to the school system.

Republicans enjoy the majority and seem to be making a fast push to get it done.

Here’s some of what this legislation would do…

  • Make it possible to open more charter schools
  • Provide more money to private schools
  • Make open enrollment available to every student in every school district

Supporters maintain it opens more opportunities for kids in underperforming schools.

Opponents argue it would debilitate troubled schools rather than fix their problems and give cash to private schools that don’t need taxpayer money.

There isn’t much public input on this and we’re still dealing with the pandemic.

Johnson and Kaufmann addressed the urgency to do this now.

Big Tech

A lot of Democrats and some Republicans are taking aim at the big technology companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Possible legislation could target their monopolistic control.

Anti-trust measures could specifically try to limit their market domination, do more to protect data privacy as well was regulate disinformation and hate speech.

I will note the United States is far behind Europe in this area.

This gets tricky and no doubt big tech will fight every step of the way.

Kaufmann and Johnson discussed if it is time Congress does something and where lawmakers should draw the line.

Ambitious agenda

Democrats have big dreams now that they’re in control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

It’s a razor thin majority in the Senate and President Joe Biden has already signed several executive orders addressing climate change and immigration and proposed a new pandemic relief package worth almost $2 trillion.

Johnson and Kaufmann shared their thoughts on if Democrats are biting off more than they can chew, how they get all of this done when historically the party has a hard time keeping all of its members on board and there’s no vote to spare in the Senate.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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