Moline Mayor Stephanie Acri joined 4 The Record this week. This is the second part of that conversation.

Open positions

The city still needs a police chief. The search resumed after being suspended for a few months until a new city administrator was hired.

There’s also the need for an economic development director.

Acri addressed how far along these searches are and when the city expects to have these positions filled.

Legal matters

Moline made a big shift in its approach to legal matters after the two in-house city attorneys resigned.

The city hired two law firms to do the case work. 

One will handle the prosecutions the city needs. The other will manage the corporate counsel responsibilities.

Acri discussed the shift and how it improves things for the city.


That’s a lot of turnover in the city government relatively quickly.

Acri addressed those that think it’s a signal something is wrong in the culture.

Rail service

Illinois made a renewed commitment in the latest capital infrastructure legislation to the rail service from Moline to Chicago.

The state government allocated $225 million to it.

The big holdup on it happening is the rail work that needs to be done and what seems to be the inability to reach a deal with Iowa Interstate Railroad to do it.

Acri discussed why people should be more confident now and what she can do to help move that process along. 

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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