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Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un brings risks and rewards

Surprise plans need thorough preparation

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week.

+ Our geography knowledge got put to the test when Robert Mueller's investigation turned to a place called Seychelles.

Go check your globe.

+ Iowa is debating whether the public should have access to 911 calls...

+ And bitcoin might be legal tender for some transactions in Illinois.

All things to talk about with Illinois Democratic County Chairs President Doug House and Iowa Republican Party Chair Jeff Kaufmann.


Let's talk Bitcoin... or cryptocurrency in general.

House Bill 5335 in Illinois would make it legal to use the currency to make tax payments to the state.

Wyoming already adopted something like this.

Other states are considering it.

House and Kaufmann discussed whether it was a good idea, if it threatened the dollar and what kind of concerns there should be about the stability of Bitcoin and other electronic currency.


Iowa state lawmakers are debating legislation about whether the public should have access to audio, video and transcripts of 911 calls.

It stalled last year, but is being brought back by Republicans in the Senate.

This would classify calls related to injured people as confidential and wouldn't fall into the purview of Iowa's open records law.

Things like police response to shootings, stabbings and other cases could be designated off limits.

All calls involving minors would be confidential period.

This is something the media uses.

It's a debate over privacy rights versus the public's right to know.

The argument could also be made it's a way to censor the press and protect police in cases where they step over the line.

Kaufmann and House explored the real benefit of this kind of proposal.


So did you break out the globe the last couple of minutes and look up Seychelles?

The country is a bunch of islands in the Indian Ocean.

It's also become the focus of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling with American democracy.

The Washington Post reports it was the location of a secret meeting set up in January of last year so the Trump transition team could meet with a Russian official and establish a backchannel communications system.

Almost every day there seems to be new revelations about this investigation.

House and Kaufmann talked about the ramifications this could have on the Trump administration.

Term limits

Chinese President Xi Jinping could see his power grow tremendously.

His country's legislature will vote on a constitutional amendment to abolish their two-term limit on the Chinese presidency.

He would be able to stay in power as long as he wants.

Last weekend at Mar-A-Lago, President Trump said, "maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day."

He could very well have been joking. But, isn't this the wrong kind of joke to make?

What if any other president made this kind of remark?

Kaufmann and House agreed that it's a sign that many have lost their sense of humor when it comes to the president, with House adding that context matters with Trump's history of comments.

North Korea

President Trump will meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un within a couple of months.

House and Kaufmann discussed how risky this is and what can be done to minimize the risk.

Watch the entire panel discussion in the video above.

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