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Trump supporters not swayed by president's Twitter reversals or legal troubles of associates

Democrats, Republicans disagree about fallout from former Trump campaign chair

Here are some of the topics covered by our 4 The Record panel this week.
+ Iowa's state fair won't get the political attention it usually does at this point in the election cycle.
+ New sanctions imposed on Iran.
+ The president tweets a new tune about a controversial meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign.
All of these topics came up for discussion with former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Karl Rhomberg and Republican activist and Donald Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention John Adkins on 4 The Record.
Russian meeting
Let's begin with the president and a revealing statement he made on Twitter.
He referred to that infamous meeting his son Donald and other campaign operatives had in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer.
The Trump camp initially claimed it was about Russian adoptions.
Now the president said in part, "This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics -- and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!"
Critics point to this as an admission of collusion while the president's lawyers now insist collusion is not a crime. 
Yet, conspiracy is.
Rhomberg and Adkins addressed the likely fallout from this, if any.
It's not a good week for a couple of former Trump campaign leaders.
Former deputy campaign chair Rick Gates testified in Paul Manafort's trial.
Manafort is the former Trump campaign chair accused of bank and tax fraud.
Gates testified about a criminal conspiracy that went on for years, saying he helped Manafort hide secret bank accounts and helped Manafort hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.
Gates already pleaded guilty to lying to federal authorities and conspiracy to commit fraud.
We can't get into all the details here, but the evidence is mounting against Manafort. This case is separate from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling.
Adkins and Rhomberg discussed how this case impacts the president.
Tough new sanctions from the United States took effect on Iran this week.
A clear sign the country is pulling further away from the nuclear deal and the policies agreed to by our allies.
Rhomberg and Adkins talked about the risks and rewards from taking this stance.
State fair
It's Iowa State Fair time.
There's usually more to the event than the butter cow, fried food and live music two years before a presidential election.
Big name Democrats considered to be prominent in the 2020 campaign are absent.
There's no Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Cory Booker -- all are among the marquee names missing.
Some lesser-known Democrats made the trip.
Iowa is largely white and rural. That directly opposes the trend of the Democratic base.
The Associated Press reports that lends credence to the possibility of other states emerging to prominence in the nominating process.
Adkins and Rhomberg discussed what they see as the likelihood of Iowa losing its status as being first in the country.

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