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GOP attempts to draw similarities to 2000 unfounded

Donald Trump’s actions after the election raise doubt whether he’ll go quietly into that good night, cases of the coronavirus surge and that prompts the governors of Iowa and Illinois to tighten restrictions in hopes of containing the virus — yet the approaches are still different.

We discussed these topics on this week’s 4 The Record with Rock Island County Republican Party Chair Drue Mielke and former Rock Island Mayor Mark Schwiebert, a Democrat.


This latest surge of the coronavirus is hitting the Midwest especially hard.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker added new restrictions.

Iowa went through a couple of changes this week. First the governor called for a limited mask mandate, then a couple of days later instituted a full mask mandate.

It only applies for indoor public places where people can’t social distance.

There are crowd limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

High school sports can continue.

Service businesses like restaurants can stay open with limited hours.

Retail businesses can stay open, but must implement reasonable measures to promote public health.

That guidance is vague.

It’s tougher for illinois.

There is a mask mandate.

Casinos, museums, theaters, event spaces shut down.

No high school sports for now.

Restaurants can stay open but no indoor service.

There are capacity limits on retail businesses that vary by type, but are specific.

This is just to name a few.

You can see the differences in those.

Dr. Anthony Fauci this week says we’re at the point where adjustments won’t make much of a difference unless they’re uniform.

Schwiebert and Mielke discussed how much worse this has to get for it to stop being partisan.


The result is almost a mirror image of the key battleground states from four years ago, but more reluctance for the loser to accept it.

Here’s what we’ve seen.

Donald Trump said before the election he’s a “bad loser.”

He still hasn’t conceded.

Hillary Clinton conceded the day after the election results projected she lost four years ago.

President Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Three other long-time Pentagon employees resigned because of it.

They were replaced by Trump loyalists.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the State Department is getting ready for a second term of the Trump administration and the General Services Administration won’t cooperate

Mielke and Schwiebert addressed if this sounds like a man who plans to leave office.

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