Presidential candidate Michael Bennet joined this week’s 4 The Record for a conversation. This web extra focuses on foreign policy.

Thanks for checking out this web extra of my interview with Senator Michael Bennet.

The one area we didn’t get to bring to you is foreign policy.

Here’s that part of our discussion on this week’s 4 The Record.

Foreign policy

Bennet has been very critical of President Trump for engaging in some isolationist policies.

He denounced his recent stance regarding Syria, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

It seems it wouldn’t be difficult to rejoin the climate agreement, but Bennet discussed what he would do regarding Syria and Iran, if elected and if the nuclear deal could be resurrected, how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved and what role should the united states play.

Bennet is one of the leading Democrats in the Senate who opposes the boycott, divest, sanctions movement regarding Israel.

There are members of your party who support BDS to apply pressure on Israel regarding its stance toward the Palestinians.

Bennet explained why he disagrees with those members of his party and if they are missing something or he is.

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