Thanks for checking out this web extra! We ran out of time on 4 the Record to bring you all of our panel discussion.

Our conversation took stock of where we are a year after the attack on the U. S. Capitol. Jan. 6 is a date that’s now etched in the memory of a lot of Americans after we saw last year’s assault at Capitol, seen by many as an attack on democracy as a whole.

Former Iowa Republican Party Chair Steve Grubbs and former Scott County Democratic Party Chair Elesha Gayman talk about that day, and more, in the video.

“What I really wish would have happened more robustly is just the attention to voting rights and some of the election work that needs to happen in this country to make sure we are in a country whose voices are represented,” Gayman says.

“I am always optimistic about the future of this country,” Grubbs says. “My greatest sadness is there is an entire movement that really tries to teach our college students and others that our country is inherently evil, inherently bad, and that there’s a lot more bad than good.”

Hear what else our panelists have to say when you watch the video.

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