90-year-old Moline woman publishes her first book with her son


“First printing was 175 books is all we had printed.”

90 year old Mable Harvey is doing something most people could never imagine doing at her age, publishing her first book with her son.

“We’ve been talking about it for a long time,” Harvey said. “Talking about stories and different brothers and what they do, so we just decided maybe we should write it down somewhere so that we have it for future generations.”

A family memoir with each member of her family having their own chapter.

Something she said she has wanted to do for quite sometime.

“We took each brother and wrote their life as we saw it or what we’ve been told,” said Harvey. I had six brothers to write about, my father and my mother and myself of course.”

Harvey is the oldest of seven and the only girl. 

“This is my mother who had seven of us.”

“She raised six boys.”

“This is my brother who was a womanizer, he would have one girl at home and bring another one with him in the car.”

“This is my father he was killed on the job, he worked for Roth and Company in Rock Island.”

With a sense of humor that keeps her going.

“This picture I like,” Harvey said. “I can’t believe I looked that good back then.”

Living with her 92 year old husband of over 70 years and her two dogs.

“I like this picture of me and my husband,” said Harvey.

With just one  message to others who have memories to share.

“Well you better write it down somewhere if you know something that nobody else knows.”

Harvey said she has read her own book at least three times.

She also worked for the Moline Public Library for 14 years before retiring.

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