A coalition between Rock Island and Scott Counties hope to fight food waste


Taking a bite out of food waste, that’s the goal of a coalition involving Rock Island and Scott Counties.

The Food Rescue Partnership started in 2013 to save food that would otherwise be thrown away. They are still in need of having more businesses participate in the program.

People can donate food to businesses in the program, they can also make a meal out of it to give to people who need it.

Yolanda Jefferson is the owner of Black Pearl Catering and is also part of the Food Rescue Partnership, a coalition that hopes to recycle food and feed people in the community.

“We push out in the community whether you have a dollar don’t have a dollar if you’re in need you get fed and that’s what we do just make sure the food gets back into the community,” said Jefferson.

Christina McDonough is the Community Transformation Consultant for Scott County Health Department.

“Currently we have 19 members throughout the entire Quad Cities area so this is an initiative that’s in Scott County and Rock Island County,” said McDonough.

Food waste is starting to become a huge problem in this country.

“Currently 40% of all food produced in the United States goes uneaten,” said McDonough. “In Scott County there is approximately 12% of residents that are food insecure and currently in Rock Island County has approximately 11.2% of food insecure population.”

Food Rescue Partnership have high hopes for this project.

“Ultimately we would like to see the Quad Cities become a community dedicated to reducing food waste in the entire Quad Cities area,” said McDonough.

Jefferson hopes people will donate food so other can enjoy a warm meal.

“Getting it to someone that can prepare it or do something with it so people can be fed,” said Jefferson.

Farms and different organizations in the Quad Cities have already gotten help from this program.

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