The Crossfit Games is one of the fastest growing competitions in the US. Since the games began in 2007, the phenomenon has grown to 13,000 crossfit gyms worldwide.
The Quad Cities is no exception to the fitness fever. One local team, Crossfit OC3, will be competing for the title next week in Los Angeles. They are ranked 7th in the world going into the games
“Regardless we are still underdogs going in. There are a lot of other teams that are very good, that are being looked at above us and we like that. We’re ready to come from behind and we are ready to make things happen at the games,” said Colin Cartee, Co-Owner of Crossfit OC3.
Cartee has been pushing for the chance to return to the world championship since 2013. A freak injury caused the team to miss out on the chance to go last year. But Colin’s wife, Jessica, says this time, it’s the real deal. 
 “We like to say that we are corn-fed Iowans and that’s why we do so well in competition because we have that Midwest pride,” said Jessica Cartee, Co-Owner of Crossfit OC3.
There are 40 teams from across the globe competing in the nationally broadcast competition. The Davenport crew will have to give it all they’ve got if they want to be the best.
The Crossfit OC3 team says that they are excited for this experience but the real goal is to bring back the title to the Quad Cities.
“As a kid you have childhood dreams it would be cool to go there but once you grow up and realize you have the potential, I ain’t going to waste it just going there to compete,” said Ben Kuebel, a Crossift OC3 Team Member.
“I’m going there to win along with everyone else on our team. Experience is cool and all but we are there to win.” said Joe Piersanti, another Crossift OC3 Team Member.
 “There is no other thought in anybody else’s mind and if there is, I would wonder why they are competing in Crossfit.” said Cartee.
With their head in the game and their eyes on the prize, Crossfit OC3 is doing everything they can to put Quad Cities Crossfit on the map.