Jaxon Starks has been suffering from Ebstein’s Anomaly, a rare heart condition.

Jaxon’s grandmother,  Anita Lynn McDowell, is a part of a group of quilters from around the nation.

And when member’s of that group heard about Jaxon’s story, they decided to do something about it

Not all heroes wear capes. That is something loving grandmother Anita realized once she heard what her quilting group was up to.

” I was speechless basically and that is saying a lot from me because i do like to talk,” says Anita Lynn McDowell, grandmother of Jaxon. 

The online group  ” Talk to Me Tuesday” decided to make a quilt for Anita’s grandson, Jaxon, and raise funds to help with his medical bills. 

” It was just very touching to see that these people who have never met us wanted to do something so huge for this little boy,” says McDowell.

At just 23 hours old, Jaxon was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Ebstein’s Anomaly, making it hard for him to physically keep up with the other kids. 

“It’s emotional seeing him struggle with crawling and the mobility..”

And by the end of this year he’ll need surgery in Philadelphia.

“His heart valve has to be replaced so that he has oxygenated blood running to the rest of his body.”

The quilters added a special image for Jaxon of one of his favorite superheroes, Black Panther. 

“Black Panther is symbolic for us because it represents our heritage- you know, the African American community.”

From this journey, Anita has learned one important thing.

“You can find good in anything and there are people who are genuine and that they really do care.”

The Talk to Me Tuesday ladies made the quilt to raise money for Jaxon and his mother. Donors have the chance to take the Black Panther inspired quilt home. For more, visit his GoFundMe page here.