A Mexican tradition that involves sweets


Some may say tradition of the past enriches the life of the present.
And that stands true for the Mexican tradition of the day of the dead.

“This comes since the Indian times, the Aztecs times, Aztecas. So its a big festival in Mexico,” says La Primavera baker, Angel Vargas.

A celebration that honors the dead with some sweets like  breads called “pan de muerto.”
The treats are then placed on an altar remembering family members who have passed.
And the recipe used at La Primavera bakery is special.

“We use an original Mexican recipe for the sweet bread. And all the ingredients are from special recipes. We are able to change ingredients every time we like to do it but we always try to keep the high quality,” says Vargas. 
When it starts to get cold that means stocking up on these delicious breads in most Mexican households. 

I remember as a child eating one of these called a cuernito alongside some hot chocolate which would get me through those chilly nights. 

“Year-round it is very popular and when the weather is changing, we sell more because that’s, Latin culture is eat bread and hot cocoa, hot chocolate.” 

Vargas says the way the bread is decorated shares a piece of those being remembered. If the sugar is pink, it represents a woman.
Which he says makes decorating his favorite part. 

“When you’re forming the bread, you got the dough already made and you’re forming the bread on the table that’s probably the thing you enjoy the most. Because you put in all your effort to make it look great.” 

Vargas and his team make hundreds of these breads a day, and that number keeps growing.
Some would say it’s a tradition too sweet to give up.

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