A mother- daughter duo handing some last minute Christmas presents


“I know what it feels like when you’re in a public school and you don’t have as much clothes as other or the name brand clothes or stuff like that and others would like pick on you for it,” says Maddie Cook.

That’s what jump started the mother-daughter duo’s philanthropic efforts last year.

“This is something that teaches them to see other people where they are and not for their circumstances,” says Kelly Cook.

Now Maddie’s Closet has branched out to  help  adults with The People Project handing out coats and other necessities out of their truck.

“We started with taking some of the dad jeans that we got or the bigger jackets that kids don’t want to wear that aren’t you know stylish and putting them aside and figuring out where we were gonna take them.”

Maddie says through the group’s growth, she’s realized she wouldn’t want to make others smile without her mother by her side.

“I’m glad that i’m doing this with my mom because i have I’ve been getting a closer bond with my mom and im like able to like have somebody to do this with.”

Time Kelly says is precious, passing on a giving mentality to her children.

“Its nice seeing and knowing that i’m teaching her to do good for other people,” says Kelly. 

And learning that even a little can go a long way

“Simple things like razors and toothbrushes matter to them you know it might just be things people get in their stockings as kids but adults who don’t have access to those kinds of things you know it changes the day for them.”

A lesson that’s already sinking in

“it’s better to get something than nothing on a day that everybody gets at least a little bit of something,” shares Maddie. 

If you have some clothes you’d like to get out of your closet and onto the hands of someone in need visit Maddie’s Closet here

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