UPDATE: Alderman J.R. Rico told Local 4 News he was “trying to figure out what happened last night” and does not believe he had more than one drink.

Rico said an anti-psychotic medication might have caused an adverse effect on him and he wants to focus on his health right now.

“I’m a person that has mental health issues and that’s why I ran,” Rico said. “I do feel very embarrassed. I don’t remember last night up until I woke up again this morning. This is all very confusing and I need to speak with my doctor.”


East Moline Mayor Reggie Freeman told Local 4 News, “This is a private matter between Alderman Rico and Scott County officials.”


East Moline 7th Ward Alderman Jose Roberto Rico was arrested for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia after police said he was disruptive at a Davenport bar and the surrounding area Wednesday night.

Police responded to the 2800 block of Brady Street after several calls from multiple locations in the area for an intoxicated man being disruptive.

According to a police affidavit, one caller said Rico, 30, was shouting at other patrons at Rookie’s and putting his arm around several women that did not know him. When asked to leave, he fell through the door and then walked away. 

A second complainant found Rico in her apartment complex, shouting loud profanity.

Rico was located by police back in the parking lot of Rookie’s with a partially unbuttoned shirt and what appeared to be vomit on the front of it. 

Rico approached officers and wavered from side to side when he walked, according to police. 

Police said he immediately advised that he was a city councilman and provided the name “Rico” but would not provide further information. 

According to the police report, Rico “had watery, bloodshot eyes and the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath. His speech was heavily slurred and difficult to understand. He repeatedly stated that he was a councilman and insisted that he be released immediately. He also demanded that I contact his ‘dad and mommy’ because they would ‘take care of this.'”

A glass pipe containing burnt residue with the distinct odor of burnt marijuana was located in Rico’s jacket pocket, according to police. 

Rico refused a preliminary breath test and medical treatment. He initially refused to provide his name and identifying information until advised that he would be charged further and held until he could be identified.