The 61st annual Grammy awards praised the talents of incredible artists. Among those talented artist was Aledo native country singer Margo Price. 

Price was nomindated for best new artist alongside six other women. The artist spent her adolescence growing up in Aledo. When news broke out about her nomination, it didn’t take long for the neighborhood to find out. 

In a town with a population that’s a little over 3,000 people, the way to pass time is at cafe’s and with a little country music.

” We listen to it all day here..”

This litle restaurant in Aledo, Illinois serves as a hub for social hour where workers like Suzanne have gotten to know basically all of the community. 

” Well i wait on a lot of people so you end up knowing a lot of people,” says Suzanne Brockett, Aledo Resident. It gives her a special connection to the grammy nominated singer Margo price.

“Well her grandmother comes here a lot, Mary Price. When they had the bill boards go up and when she plays at the ryman and you know she doesn’t overly brag about it but you can tell shes really proud,” says Brockett. 

Price grew up in the close knit community where she first dipped into the music world while performing at local church choirs and playing the piano. She then left to study at Norther Illinios University where she majored in dance and theater. After that, working jobs to get where she is today. 

Suzanne says Price’s succes has put Aledo back on the map again for its country music. Across the street, another native says it not only brings attention to the small town, but also inspires others to dream big. 

” It’s kind of cool to know that somebody is making it that far in that kind of world that is from a small town like everybody else,” says Ashley Ipsen.  

Residents say despite the outcome at the grammy’s, they are happy to call Margo Price one of their own. 

” We all support her and she’s earned every bit of it on her own.”