An unbreakable bond motivates Moline man to find solutions to Hope Creek financial problems


Hope creek nursing home now sets their sights on a brighter future. Last night, Rock Island board members approved a $29,000 audit to aid their financial struggles.

The company hired to do the audit  known as MPA  will have the assessment done within  90 days after February.

But a Moline resident has decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We need to unite and get our people together,” says Moline resident, Donald Lind.

For Lind, its been a 5 year battle to find a way to end the financial struggles hope creek nursing home is facing.
His big motivator, his friend Melva. ” Melva is like a mom i don’t have now,” shares Lind. An unbreakable bond that started six years ago.

” He’s my son, i say oh he’s so bright he’s my son,” says Melva Eastwood, resident at Hope Creek.

As of december 31st of 2018, the facility is $4.6 Million in debt. “There is not enough cash in the bank to meet the expences that are needed on an on-going basis,” says April Palmer, Rock Island County Auditor. She says they’re doing what they can.

” The county is doing everything they can do to make sure that our guests are that are living there are happy and safe,” shares Palmer.

But Lind says more has to be done. ” I’ve reached out to some county board members and they’ve called me up and they really dont have the answers to it.”

He’s started his own committee where residents can get involved.  “We’ll meet here or we’ll meet some place else we’ll all sit down and come up with ideas and then try to come up with a solution,” shares Lind.

He says he already has 12 members and he won’t stop until hope creek’s financial strains are over. ” I just can’t let it go.”

His friend Melva is standing right beside him. ” I could get very fearful but i trust god. And i know things can change and that’s what i’m hoping for,” shares Melva. 

To join Donald Lind’s committe, you can reach him via email at or cell at 309 738 4177.

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