Art exhibit shows what those who suffered brain injuries feel

Unmasking Brain Injury exhibit reveals thoughts after an injury

An exhibit which features art created by people who have suffered brain injuries is on display at Genesis Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in Bettendorf.

Masks created by patients give a visual representation to the thoughts and feelings experienced by those patients after suffering a brain injury.

This exhibit is part of a tour featuring several masks from around the country called Unmasking Brain Injury.

Robin Monson, one of the artists, said, "When I was in the LIFT Program and they said we were making a mask, at first, it was like, oh my gosh, I don't really know how I'm feeling, but I found that making the mask was cathartic."

She continued, "It really helped put into words some of the things I was having trouble expressing."

The exhibit is on display for the next three weeks.

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