Assessing damage after one week of Burlington breach


State authorities in Iowa are assessing the damage in Burlington after the recent HESCO barrier breach there.

The city is sharing the biggest challenge business owners are facing today. The director of Iowa Homeland Security took a tour around the city of Burlington. This is her first visit to Burlington since the breach.
Public works officials say the city has sustained about $100,000  worth of damage

“It’s about what I expected. The waters come up quickly, waters go down quickly,” says Joyce Flinn from Iowa Homeland Security. It’s a different sight neighbors of downtown Burlington are seeing compared to last week. Most roads have cleared up, but some businesses nearby the water front are still dealing with a messy and stinky situation as the sewer system is down.

“Especially in the downtown they’re having to pump all that water out of their basement which is a prolonged effort to try to deal with you know the sewage of the town so unfortunately its become their burden to bare because its ending up in their basements,” says Nick McGregor from Public Works.

McGregor says he thinks the city has been hit by damage that will cost around $100,000. Its hit many areas in the state of Iowa have taken this year.
Director of Iowa Homeland Security Joyce Flinn says it’s too early to tell how much the city of Burlington suffered compared to the disaster in Davenport. 

“We always say if you’ve seen one disaster you’ve seen one disaster, so I can’t really compare impacts because i don’t know the number of structures actually impacted here yet,” says Flinn.

Flinn mentions that Des Moines county was included in the Presidential Declaration of Emergency bill request issued from March 12th to May 16th. The county is still waiting for the acceptance. For now, Flinn says she’s focused on re-opening another disaster fund time period. Her office has turned in a referral to re-open the disaster fund period, that was submitted on Friday.

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