One of Augustana College’s most iconic landmarks is getting restored.

The college has announced that the Slough, the man-made body of water at the heart of the campus, will be drained and restored in a new construction project. Starting on November 11, City of Rock Island crews will start draining the Slough to relocate a water pipe. The project will move a primary water line from under the Slough to under the Slough Path, allowing for easier access to the pipe in case of future repairs.

Rock Island City Council members approved the work on October 9. The project, funded by the city, hopes to prevent another issue like the one in June 2017, when an old city pipe under the Slough collapsed and flooded parts of the lower campus.

The Slough Path is expected to stay open through the fall semester. There will be a short closure during the January term when the project moves into its final phase. Work is expected to be finished by the start of the spring semester in February.

Augustana is currently holding a Slough photo contest. Students, alumni and local residents are encouraged to submit their photos of the Slough. Five winners will receive gift cards.