Bald eagle population has declined compared to last year


It’s been two weeks since Bald Eagles in the Quad Cities and some experts say the number of bald eagles has decline in the area.

Eagle Nature Foundation is an organization that counts the population of bald eagles. Over the weekend it held its annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Count.

Denise Schroeder has been counting the population of bald eagles as a family tradition and said this year the numbers were low.

“This year the count was pretty low we only count 65,” said Schroeder.

She said that three years ago she counted 190 eagles, last year she counted 120 eagles in the Quad Cities.

“There has been a decline recently since like the early 2000 I guess it’s been dropping a little bit,” said Schroeder.

Denise doesn’t know exactly why the numbers have been declining but has an idea as to what could’ve happen this year.

“Pretty much attributed it to the fact that the river was very frozen and there was very little open water around here,” said Schroeder.

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