Bettendorf Middle School students present their road safety project to council members

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Bettendorf Middle School students are taking their own safety into their own hands, they showed their presentation at the city council meeting on Tuesday night.

Their project focuses on intersections that have the highest numbers of crashed near the middle school and high school.

Mr. Fry said students focused on the intersections of Happy Joe Drive and Middle Road as well as 53rd Avenue and Devils Glen Road.

“The goal was to research how you can improve an intersection when there are a lot of accidents there. Student groups figured out the solution or best solution for the issues in their intersection and then put it together into a final presentation,” said Mr. Fry.

Madeleine Morin is one of the students who spoke at the meeting and says she hopes that their project can help the city of Bettendorf.

“It could help people less car accidents and hopefully people will stay more safe,” said Morin. “There was like a stop like that wasn’t good for like people crossing to like get to school that I was like they could get hurt and I was like thinking about that a little bit.”

A Bettendorf Middle School student said she has seen people run through red lights near her school.

“I think that it’s really good because we normally have good safety here but there have been some incidents of people running red lights and stuff with the kids and so it’s also need that we look into that.”

As for Mr. Fry he was glad to see his students rise to the occassion for this project.

“It’s always exciting to see them use all of those skills you teach in class and then put them toward a project that will hopefully have real outcome in the city,” said Mr. Fry.

After the students did their presentation the city mayor said the council would look at these intersections and hopefully make some changes to make it safer for the residents.

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