State Representative Phyllis Thede of Bettendorf has been appointed to the Human Rights Board by House Democratic Leader Mark Smith of Marshalltown.

“I know Rep. Thede is committed to ensuring quality of life for all populations and that’s why I appointed her to the Human Rights Board,” Smith said.  “I trust Rep. Thede to help us eliminate hurdles underrepresented peoples throughout the state may face.”

The Human Rights Board is charged with developing and monitoring implementation of a comprehensive strategy to remove barriers for underrepresented populations with a view to increasing Iowa’s productivity and inclusivity as a result. In addition, the Commission must also approve a budget proposed by the department director for the operation of the Department of Human Rights, adopt operating protocol for the department, and approve an annual report to both the Governor and General Assembly of the department’s activities from the prior fiscal year.

“I’m honored to serve on the Human Rights Board and look forward to coming up with ways to provide better representation for all Iowans,” concluded Thede.