It’s a controversial topic that continues to make headlines.
Last month, the Obama Administration issued federal guidelines regarding the use of bathrooms for transgender students in school.
The topic was also discussed at Bettendorf’s School Board meeting Monday.
Under this new federal guideline, students are allowed to use the bathroom they identify with despite the gender on their birth certificate.
The people who spoke out at tonight’s meeting said they disagree with the district’s decision to move forward with the new federal guidelines.
“The new bathroom policy does have me concerned,” said Tyrus Oakes, a parent. “Now, no girl should be put in a situation, especially in school, where she can have a biological male walk in on her in the shower.”
Oakes believe Iowa should be one of the 11 states suing the Obama Administration over the issue. Al Reagen agrees.
“Are you the board ready for lawsuits that will come as a result of implementing changes supporting the changes from the Department of Education and Department of Justice,” Reagen said.
Bettendorf”s assistant superintendent said this issue isn’t new to the district. He said it’s important to make sure all students feel safe at school
“The law has been [in place] since 2008,” said Assistant Superintendent Michael Raso. “We updated policy after our Department of Education visit about gender identity, making sure that is a protective class and making sure that is in our policy. We did do that. We’re just continuing to follow what we’ve been doing for the last 5 or 6 years. When this issue comes up or someone comes forward in that situation, we’re just going to do what we do case by case.”
Raso said if they do not know how to handle a particular case the school district will go through their attorneys and see what the law states.
The Obama administration is not legally requiring schools to follow the guidelines but millions of education dollars are tied to their recommendations.