Bettendorf school board votes not to renew superintendent’s contract


Bettendorf’s school district superintendent might not stick around for much longer.

School board members voted unanimously tonight not to approve Michael Raso’s contract for another year. 

He would leave his job in june of next year if members vote against renewing his contract again in May. 

Raso says he’s disappointed but still has hope that his board will vote differently by the next deadline.

Between then, four board members will also be up for re-election. 

“Well of course I’m a little disappointed but it’s just, we just move on. We’ve got a lot of things to do and a lot of things to be proud of in this district and I do have a lot of support in this district,” Raso says.

One parent says raso is part of a lack of transparency that’s a problem in the district and that Raso needs to go.

“Transparency has been a huge issue with this board in general and I believe it starts from the highest level,” says Becca Eastman.

Raso became superintendent in 2016. 

He had been assistant superintendent before that. 

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