Some big changes are coming to Bettendorf over the next  few years. Frontier Hospitality Group announced plans to build a new hotel near the TBK Bank Sports Complex at the intersection of Middle Road and Interstate 80. The Davenport-based company says the hotel will have 110 rooms and include retail and restaurant space. 

Jeff Reiter, the Bettendorf Economic Development Director, says they’re hoping to create a “one stop shop” atmosphere, especially for families passing through for sports competitions at the new complex. 

Reiter says it’s unlike anything the city has seen before. 

“I don’t think there’s another product like this within 500 miles,” he said. 

Over the next few years, what was once acres of farmland, will soon be the whole package. 

“We wanted to see it be as regional as possible, but still also offer a very walkable environment,” said Reiter. 

Brant Carius, who lives just blocks from the site of the new complex, says sports facilities like the one being built, are what helps athletes like his kids become stronger players. He says the top of the line equipment is key to practices without distraction.     

“Here they can hopefully go over here and practice during the week and be prepared to play on that same court on the weekend,” said Carius. 

And he’s happy to see the fellow families on traveling sports teams will sometimes be near rather than far. Carius says traveling across the country often adds up.

“Every weekend we’re in a different town, you got hotel bills, you got all kinds of expenses associated with that when it would’ve been nice to have the kids play here locally.”  

The sports complex alone is expected to cost over $50 million, not including the hotel and retail space. For this multi-million dollar project, it’s all about accessibility. 

“You know it’s really a one stop shop,” said Reiter. “If you come to the market, you get to stop, park your car, stay on site, go to the sports facility and also shop.” 

Reiter says they hope this will help shine a light on Bettendorf. 

“This kind of synergy really puts us on the map,” he said. 

For Carius, he’s happy to see the new addition to his neighborhood. 

“I’m just a basketball junkie,” said Carius. “I played, I enjoyed watching my kids play, I coached them along the way, so yeah I’ll go watch.”

And knows it’s something the family can enjoy long after the basketball games over. 

“I think this will just be great to have everything in one spot,” said Carius. “Kind of one stop shopping you don’t have to leave the general area and all the amenities you need are right there.”

The TBK Sports Complex is expected to have their first outdoor baseball game the weekend of May 3rd. The hotel is expected to be completed by early 2019.