Billboards with a message of unity and acceptance


If you’ve been driving through the streets of the Quad Cities, chances are you’ve driven past one of these billboards.

“There meant to be positive,” says Rabbi Henry Karp. But they’ve got a bigger purpose than just putting a smile on your face. “The people of the Quad Cities set the culture of the Quad Cities,” he shares. 

That is why these billboards, some that address LGBTQ rights, and others that address acceptance of religion, have been put in place to make other’s think and practice acceptance.

“We see rising islamaphobia we see rising hatred of the lgbtq community,” says the Rabbi.

The shooting at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh last year and the New Zealand Mosque shooting that happened this year, Rabbi karp says love and unity needed to be spread.

“We just want to make sure that when it comes to the Quad Cities- hate has no home here.”

The organization One Human Family and the Metropolitan Community Church have teamed up
to bring 13 of these billboards surrounding the Quad Cities on both sides of the river.

“Billboards is an old fashion way of advertising but its working,” shares the Rabbi and he says they’ve been only getting positive reactions. Their only goal, he says, is that people practice what’s on the billboards.

“Every residents in the quad cities has to be an actor. An actor who promotes inclusivity and welcome and diversity.”

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