Board considers options for Lincoln School


The Davenport School Board discussed options for the Lincoln School building.

They closed it in 2012 because of budget cuts, and now it’s rented out.

About seven groups use the former Lincoln Elementary School building.

Some are connected to the district, like the home school office.

Others are not, like Head Start and Pena’s Boxing Club.

The problem is there isn’t enough renters to turn a profit, leaving them about $60,000 in the hole.

“Maintain our responsibility to the community by utilizing that building in a way that reduces our expenses, but  perform a social function in the community,” said School Board Vice President Rich Clewell.

There are a few options for the building, including find more tenants, re-purpose it, or sell it.

Most of the board members think it’s time to sell.

“Sixty thousand dollars in the hole that takes away from our programs, does not sound like a good investment to me for a building that at any minute could cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said School Board Member Jamie Snyder.

Trainer Fred Thomas of Pena’s Gym says they’ve only been here since last summer and this gym means a lot to the kids who use it.

“The hardest thing is when you go to the kids, and you gotta tell that in a few months or whatever, we won’t have a gym again, like we did once before,” said Thomas.

They moved to Lincoln School because their last space was too small.

They’re lease is for five years, so they weren’t planning to move anytime soon. Thomas hopes the board tries to find more tenants to make a profit.

“There’s a lot of basketball coaches that need gym space, gym time. They’re willing to rent out gym time and stuff like that. There’s always obviously daycare opportunities,” said Thomas.

No decisions were made Monday, but the superintendent did suggest the board make a decision soon so they can start process.


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