Breaking the Cycle: Police responding to minors


Local law enforcement is trying to break the cycle of teen crime.

Local 4 News rides along with Davenport Police Department as they patrol the streets and school halls.

While overall crime committed by kids is down by about a third since 2013, Scott County officials told Local 4 they see more violent crime from young people.

That’s paired with a more than 200 percent increase in car thefts by minors.

As another school day ends, Davenport Police Officer Mason Roth is roaming the hall to make sure students are heading home safely.

Officer Mason Roth said, “Usually, there’s like an officer assigned to the school either assigned to the school or who just like works off duty.”

It’s because sometimes dismissal calls for more patrols.

Roth said, “Call us sometimes if there’s like rumors of kids wanting to fight and stuff.”

But once the buses are loaded and students are off, it’s to the next call.

Roth said, “Best Buy had called us about those four subjects there. Said they had been stealing. Stole like a game controller.”

In the store parking lot, police arrest a young man and woman. 

Roth “They both happen to be 18, so they go down to county.”

Officer Roth told Local Four News, the suspects claimed they were just hanging out in their car.  

Roth said, “They said they were all out of town and their story was there’s nothing to do from where they’re at.”

Later in the evening, the most concerning call searching for a troubled young boy.
Roth said, “Hey, we’re looking for a little kid who didn’t come home from school.”

After a long and extensive search through the apartment complex and surrounding area, the boy is found safe.

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