Bullying forces Clinton mom to homeschool her daughter


“I decided to pull her from the school district and we’re homeschooling her currently.”

Betty Streets said she’s fed up after her six year old daughter Bella was bullied so badly she broke her arm in two places.

“She had days where her anxiety was so bad that she would puke,” Streets said. “She would be hysterical, not being able to catch her breath just thinking about going to school and having to deal with the whole situation all over again.”

Now she said she’s taking matters into her own hands.

“Everything that they do in school, we’re able to do here she’s able to do without the anxieties of the bullying and it’s just her and mom,” said Streets.

“This is the sight that we use, it’s the power homeschool online course,” Streets said. “I can go through and choose what classes she takes, this is what she’s currently in and you can see that she’s doing great in all of her classes.”

Giving her a peace of mind.

“Now her attitude is so amazing she’s happy, she’s excited when she comes down those stairs, she knows that the teachers are online and they make things super fun for her,” she said.

Hoping to raise awareness to bullying in schools while being a voice for other children and parents, giving Bella a new outlook on learning.

“I feel happy when I wake up now because I don’t have to just go to school and get bullied,” Bella said. “I just get to come right downstairs and work on some nice things, play games and dance.”

The six year old has just one message to others.

“Everybody be kind to each other.”

Superintendent Gary DeLacy said there is an independent investigation into the incident.

He declined to comment until the investigation is complete.

There is an app you can use locally that is designed to prevent things like bullying in schools. 

Many students and parents are using the P3 app to report problems to school leaders.

If you or your child are looking for a way to quickly report problems you can talk to your school about using the P3 app.

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