Bus slides into ditch, Monmouth College student springs to save others


Some students from Monmouth College in Illinois had a tense start to their spring break. 

Now, one of them is being praised for his quick thinking. 

It happened 10:00 a.m. Sunday.

The bus driver slid into a ditch to avoid another accident ahead of them on Interstate 55. 

There were 29 students and one faculty member on  board. 

Nobody was hurt.

Not only are students praising their bus driver for making a tough call, they’re also praising one of their own for what he did next.

After the student bus slid into a ditch to avoid one car accident, asecond car crashed into a state trooper’s vehicle moments later.

The two women inside the car were injured.

One of the college students ran off the bus to help them. 

“I just didn’t think about it at all. I just grabbed my little health kit that I have in my backpack that has a CPR mask and gloves and just told Jake that I had to go help these people,” says Alex Cutright, a sophomore at Monmouth College.

“He tore off the bus. He saw some people in need and jumped into action… It says I have some pretty awesome students, that’s for sure,” says Jake McLean, assistant director of leadership development at Monmouth College.

Students are working with Living Lands and Water to do some cleanup on the Mississippi River. 

They head back home from Memphis Friday morning.

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