Bus with Monmouth students crashes into ditch

Monmouth Bus Crash_1551650197602.jpeg.jpg

Update: Local 4 News reached out to a supervisor for the trip to Memphis, Jake McLean.

He says the bus is out and back on the road heading towards Memphis. He said both heavy snow and blowing snow created poor visibility conditions for the driver of the bus. 

He also confirmed what the students said, stating the driver chose to go into the ditch, and if they did not go into the ditch, they would have hit another vehicle.

Original Story:A bus with Monmouth students crashed into a ditch today on their way to Memphis for volunteer work.

Local 4 News spoke with a person who was on the bus at the time of the crash. They said the accident occurred around 10:00 Sunday Morning on Interstate 55 where the bus swerved into a ditch.

Students on the bus say the driver was trying to avoid two semi trucks and a guardrail. They said he had no choice but to go into the median.

The witness also says no one was injured in that crash.

While helping the occupants on the bus, an Illinois State Trooper’s car was struck by a vehicle.

Injuries for the second crash are unknown at this time.

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