Business calls for city’s help as they lose thousands from flood


A business in Davenport is reeling after being slammed by this year’s flooding.

Last night’s flash flooding forced crews to close river drive in Davenport. Employees at Polished Hair Lounge say they’ve been facing constant challenges because of the water. They closed the doors for several days and lost thousands of dollars in the process.

It’s been a game of catch-up for receptionist Samantha Thompson at Polished Hair Lounge. “When its flooded you know we have to re-book everything and it gets really crazy and hectic,” Thompson shares.

With the Hesco barrier breach in April and May’s rounds of rainfall, the business has closed down for ten business days costing them nearly $10,000 dollars.” It was like monetary revenue that was lost since we were closed we’re really like service heavy industry so like we have to be in here without stylist and our clients in order to be making that money,” the receptionist shares.

After the Hesco breach a month ago, Thompson, her boss and the landlord set up their own wall of protection. “We want to remain open, so we put sandbags around in order to allow our clients to be able to access the building even if the flood persisted and came up to where it was.”

Because they’re so close to the Mississippi river, Thompson says they need more protection. “We didn’t receive like any Hesco barriers, and we didn’t receive any physical help from the city to put down the Hesco barriers at all.”

Local 4 News reached out to Davenport Public Works about why there is no Hesco barrier on Federal street and River drive. They say after several attempts years ago they found no good solution to keep storm water away from collecting behind the barriers.

Thompson thinks more needs to be done.​​​ She says, “we are part of downtown. We’ve got a yoga studio in here, we’ve got a couple call centers in Isabel bloom you know, so we’re a part of downtown and deserve to be protected too.”

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