Davenport is gearing up for the new Costco– and the traffic it will bring.

Local 4 News got a copy of a traffic study in the neighborhood for the Costco. 

It projects about 700 new drivers would enter and exit the business during the peak evening hour. 

That jumps to more than 1,000 trips during Saturday’s peak hour. 

That doesn’t include cars that just pass by.

So, as finishing touches are going into Davenport’s new store some drivers, like Gloria Camp, are grateful for at least one of them. 

“We were down to one lane last week and it was backed up a little ways,” she says.  

“It’s been busy with going down to one lane in front of Costco, which just takes a little bit more time and a little bit more patience in the morning,” echoes Nikki Gartner, who lives in Bettendorf.

A traffic signal went into effect on Tuesday, which has drivers zipping through again, but Gartner worries it may not be for long.

“I’m a little bit nervous about Portillo’s if we’re going to have to do it again,” she says.  

A traffic study indicates that the restaurant, planned for across the street, would bring in more than 500 people during the peak evening hour.

Gartner passes through the intersection at least once a day to take her daughter to school and says even with all lanes open, those trips could take longer. 

“I get concerned about more lights, it does kind of slow traffic and it does tend to be kind of a congested area,” she says.  

But still, Gartner says she can maneuver around it.

“They are doing things to keep us safe so as long as you keep enough time to get to your destination usually it works out.” 

And for Camp, who’s lived here for decades, it’s a change she’s used to seeing.

“I’ve seen Davenport expand from the time when this was a cornfield up until the present time.” 

And one she’s willing to take. 

“The traffic to me is still manageable,” Camp says. 

A Davenport traffic engineer says the new traffic signal was fully paid for by Costco. 

The store is set to officially open Saturday morning.