Candidate controversy: Some people call out mayoral contender for Facebook posts


A candidate in Davenport’s mayoral race is taking heat for some of his activity on social media.

Some people are calling out Steve Duffy for what they say are degrading Facebook posts.

Duffy launched his campaign in April. 

He currently serves on the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. 

This controversy surfaced on Tuesday when someone shared screenshots from Duffy’s personal Facebook page. 

There are three posts at the center drawing the biggest concerns.

Duffy’s critics think they’re racially divisive.

“To see that going on, on somebody’s Facebook page that wants to run for Mayor? I’m not sure he understands the people he’ll be representing and exactly who he works for,” says Laura Rodriguez.

She’s talking about this Facebook post from March of last year (Local 4 News edited out an expletive): 

It’s one of three posts to surface from Duffy’s page this week.

“The post… Really speaks to the villainization of black men and the dehumanization of them, making them feel inferior for their cultural markers; the way that they dress,” Rodriguez says.

In another post, the candidate praises confederate general Robert E. Lee: 

“We are not in confederate territory to begin with, this is the Midwest. The south lost and there was a reason the south lost, it was not what we stood for as the United States,” Rodriguez says.

Brian Wingert agrees.

“Makes you wonder why people are posting stuff like that, knowing his history,” he says. 

And the posts have others speaking up online. 

So, we’ve reached out to Duffy for comment over the last two days.

We called his department three times and his home phone at least six times. 

He didn’t return any of our messages, so we went to his home. 

Cars were parked in the driveway and the lights inside the home were on but there was no answer.  

Rodriguez and Wingert are encouraging other people to run for the office.

“The grassroots is behind those people who want to come forward and be anti-racist and understand that they’re representing the whole of the Quad Cities and not just a certain select, rich, few,” Rodriguez says. 

Duffy is currently one of four candidates for Davenport mayor.

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