Car burglaries, thefts increase in Moline


Moline police are warning about an increase in car thefts and burglaries over the last week.

They are happening city-wide, but police say the northwest and southeast sides are seeing a lot of this crime.

They highlight the areas between 9th and 15th Streets and 12th and 19th Avenues.

As well as 70th and 80th Streets between 34th Avenue and John Deere Road.

Police say there have been 15 car burglaries in February.

Seven cars have been stolen. THat number is 19 if you include January.

A Moline resident captured on video his own truck burglarized right in his driveway.

Greg Lehmann tells Local 4’s James Sears, it happened last Friday before 3 a.m. on 20th Avenue down the street from the YMCA.

You can see a man with his face covered simply open the door and get inside.

Lehmann says nothing major was stolen – even though he had hundreds of dollars worth of tools in the back seat.

His neighbors’ cars on both sides were burglarized too.

In these cases, none of the vehicles’ doors locked.

Detective Jon Leach emphasized the Moline Police Department’s campaign #lockitup.

“Do not give these crooks an opportunity to take your car because they will,” says Leach. “Whether you live in the best or worst of neighborhoods, your car will get stolen if you leave your keys with it.”

In recent weeks, burglars have stolen everything from loose change to two firearms.

“It’s important to know that if you are concealed carry, a firearm owner, if you’re gonna be somewhere they don’t allow you to carry guns, leave it at home,” advises Leach. “And if you gotta put it in the car, put it in the trunk or keep it in a lock box because we don’t want those getting in the hands of crooks.”

Lehmann’s video shows the burglars in his neighborhood checking cars up-and-down the block.

He says three men in all drove away in an older white minivan.

Detective Leach says the cold isn’t detering criminals and believes it’ll get worse with more foot traffic as the weather gets warmer.

“As police officers, we’re disappointed that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow,” says Leach. “Because when the cold weather hits and it gets really bad out, it keeps the crime down. It’s good for us.”

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