Car seat saves baby’s life in a car accident


A woman whose car flipped on its roof in an accident with her baby inside spoke exclusively with Local 4 News about her ordeal.

Leanne Flaherty was running an errand before going to work. That changed when she got into a car accident in Silvis.

“It was a normal day I dropped my oldest at school and the other one at my mom’s and we were going to work and we decided to stop and get him some formula,” said Flaherty.

She was unable to get out on her own because her seat belt was stuck from the pressure of her car being upside down, thankful there were people who helped her out.

“There was a gentleman that asked me if I was ok and I said I believe I was but that I had a baby in the car and somebody needed to check him then they were able thankfully both of our car doors opened so they were able to open my door and they were able to cut the seat belt so that I could get out of the vehicle as well and a lady was able to get him out of his car seat as well,” said Flaherty.

The Silvis Police Department give Leanne credit for securing her 5-week old son’s car seat, which she says it’s something that she always done.

“I always make sure that when they’re installed which ever way with the seat belt or latch that they are pulled tight, the child locks are on the seat belt, and that the seat belts aren’t going anywhere or the seats themselves aren’t going anywhere,” said Flaherty. “And I always double check their straps, their chest clips, that their chest clip is actually on their chest not on their stomach or somewhere in between and I make sure their straps are tight on them so they can’t go anywhere.”

Flaherty said she’ll always be grateful to the people who helped them get out of the car.

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