Car thefts: Davenport #1 in Iowa, QCA beats record


A new ranking puts Davenport at the top of the list in Iowa but it’s not necessarily a title to be proud of. 

Davenport was ranked with the most car thefts in the state. 

That’s according to 24/7 Wall Street, a financial news website. 

The findings are based on data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Local 4 News has been following the crime increase for more than a year now. 

Some neighbors have seen the rise first-hand.

“Like four months ago, some customers came in, she was rushing and I served her,” recalls Sayd Rizvi, who works at the Kimberly Mart in Davenport. 

“As soon as she stepped out, she had a new car, got stolen. I mean she was crying, you know.” 

Rizvi says that wasn’t his first encounter with car thefts. 

Earlier this year, his brother, who also works at Kimberly Mart, also fell victim. 

We first brought you that story in January. 

“I was coming into the store and he was coming outside. And as soon as he stepped outside, the car was already gone,” Rizvi says. 

He says he’s been working at the shop for 13 years and for more than a decade of that time, he hadn’t seen a single car theft. 

That changed recently. 

“In the past year to now, these things are happening a lot,” he says. 

Clinton Fanning has seen the increase, too. 

Last October, it led him to start a Facebook group called QCA Stolen Vehicles. 

Today, about one year later, it has more than 2,300 members. 

“On a daily basis we’re getting 5, 6 members,” Fanning says.  

Victims of stolen cars and others who want to help find them. 

Fanning says neighbors have helped each other locate several cars but at any given moment, there are about a dozen still missing. 

He says now more than ever, they need as many eyes on the lookout as possible. 

“We’re not police officers, we’re not law enforcement, we can’t intervene in crimes going on but we’re just basically the neighborhood watch, look out for stolen vehicles,” Fanning says.  

For Rizvi, he has some advice for customers on the go. 

“They should have a companion with them, you know, somebody in the car if their car is running. They shouldn’t leave their car running,” he says. 

Davenport is not alone in the Quad Cities when it comes to an increase in stolen cars.

All five cities combined report 822 cases so far this year.

Bettendorf’s Police Chief tells us that’s a new record; last year, the area saw a total just shy of 792 stolen cars. 

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