Cars get stuck, house wall caves in during flash flooding


Downpours set off flash flooding in parts of Davenport Monday.

Scott, Rock Island and Henry counties stayed under a flash flood warning for more than five hours.

A lot of areas are vulnerable because the ground has been saturated for weeks.

Waves of water overtook many Davenport roads. 

Drivers powered through flash flooding at the base of Centennial Bridge. 

It’s one of many scenes Local 4/ Fox 18 News crews responded to during the afternoon.

On Dover Court and Division Street, heavy rainfall caused the basement wall of a home to cave in. 

“The city ought to put bigger pipes in or something or put in some bigger drainage system or something,” says Tom Geest, who lives near the flooding.

Geest says it happens too often. 

“I mean, you look at this house next door, the whole basement’s collapsed. Surprised the whole house isn’t in the basement,” he says.

Geest says the intersection gets flooded once or twice a year– and he ends up rescuing drivers. 

“You help people, push people because people are just too stupid to go out and around it. They drive through it, and then they’re floating so then you go down and help,” Geest says.

One driver found himself in that situation on Second and Marquette streets. 

Many turned around at the flooded intersection, but others took a chance and surged the waters. 

He wasn’t so lucky. 

On 4th and Division streets, water overwhelmed the busy intersection and overflowed drains, bringing the pumps back out yet again.

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