Cat stuck in tree for five days rescued but not before causing some tension


A cat in one Rock Island neighborhood is getting a lot of attention and maybe not for the best of reasons. 

The owner of Hunter the cat, Sara Cespedes, along with her family has been watching and hearing their feline stuck up in a neighbor’s tree.

Cespedes said it’d been up there for five days.

She told Local 4 News it’s been agonizing for her, worrying about the family’s pet.

Between the chirps of early morning birds, there’s been a cry heard the last few days along a Rock Island dead end street. 

Cespedes said, “It’s definitely becoming very discouraging, I mean you can hear him. He’s discouraged.”

Sara Cespedes said their cat escaped Saturday. 

Cespedes said, “It’s not like he’s some stray cat. This is my kids’ cat. He’s my son’s best friend you know.”

While her family called for him, it wasn’t till Monday they got a response. 

Cespedes said, “Couldn’t find him, and then we look up and then he was in the neighbor’s tree.”

After trying to get Hunter to come down, she said the next step was to climb up.

Cespedes said, “Tuesday night, my neighbor [property owner where Hunter was stuck in the tree] had asked is that your cat, I’m like yes, we’ll be out there tomorrow, which was Wednesday, we’ll be out there tomorrow with a ladder. Well a couple of other neighbors beat us to it.” 

She said as a tree service employee who volunteered to help was about to capture Hunter that’s when police showed up, asking the employee to come down and for them to leave because of liability issues.

Cespedes then took to Facebook to express her frustration after the rescue attempt failed.

Local 4 News also spoke with the tree service worker who volunteered to help. He told Local 4 on Thursday since he had only the contact information for his insurance provider and not the proof on hand, he wasn’t able to continue, even though he was in the tree.

Cespedes “I understand that they [property owners] were worried about the safety issues, but they didn’t bother to ask if they can help or what they could do.”

While it stirred anger on Facebook, Thursday the situation smoothed.

Local Four News spoke with the property owner on Thursday. He said it’s hearsay that they don’t want the cat to come down. 

With it being his property, he said he has to be concerned for the safety of people there.

The property owner said they’re taking care of contacting a tree service, so they know it’s insured. 

A few hours later, Hunter is taken off the branch and headed home.

Cespedes said, “He means something to us and how to do you put a value on a relative. You don’t.”

Although for Cespedes, she wishes the property owner approached her before calling the police.

“It’s frustrating they didn’t just ask hey how can we help or voice your opinion. I’m not comfortable with you guys on my property or something like that. We’ve been out there, off and on three days and didn’t say a word to us,” she said. 

Cespedes said Hunter was back home in time for her daughter to return from school. 

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