I love being a mom.

Sonia Herrera is one of many moms who leads two careers. She’s up by six in the morning to be at work as a surgical nurse and by night she’s catering to her two sons. Her eldest, Kaiden, requires extra attention. At three months old, the 13-year-old teenager had a stroke which left him paralyzed.

I had to take a leave of absence like i had to  my focus completely turned on him or turned to him.

She took a break from being a banker. When she returned, she decided to take the role of nurse after she witnessed so many of them help her son.

Me of wanting to become a nurse was a way of giving back to other parents. it makes you want to do your best because if it were your loved one you wouldn’t want somebody to take a shortcut.

Being a caretaker is a skill she learned at an early age. When she was younger, her brother passed away from medical issues at just two years old. Her mother flew from state to doctors. That’s something Herrera is now doing for her own son. 

I think its really ironic i guess that both myself and my mom had a son that had so many extra medical needs.

Watching her mother is what prepared Herrera to take on anything as a mom. I think like i pulled a lot of my strength from my mother.

Turning her personal skills into a career where she can help others as a nurse was a no brainer from Herrera. She says that was only made possible with strong women behind her. 

I watched my mom I watched my grandma- had i not seen them be the type of moms that they are, I mean I would have had an idea but I wouldn’t have had an idea of where to start with my kids.

Like being a nurse, taking care of a family requires lots of hands on deck. When people say it takes a village it truly takes a village.