Women helping women succeed. 

Dress for Success Quad Cities has helped more than 1,500 women advance their careers since it opened in 2011. 

Jennifer Crawford is one of those women, “It’s more than just a place to to find a new outfit, it’s a sisterhood.”

After an abrupt career change, Jennifer needed some dress clothes for work but told us, she didn’t know where the money was going to come from.

That’s when she learned about the Dress for Success Quad Cities program started by founder and CEO Regina Haddock.

Dress for Success started in New York City in 1997. From there it spread across the country and eventually the globe. 

In 2011, Regina decided to open the Quad Cities chapter, something that was inspired partially by the death of her sister as well as growing up in a home that struggled financially. 

“If you’re a girl in school and you don’t have the right clothes or you’re eating government assisted food at school, everybody knows, so you start to lower your expectations for yourself,” according to Regina. “All those things came around for me in thinking, what was the one thing that really made a difference for me and that was a job.”

Jennifer agrees.

“I can’t describe how it makes you feel. You look in the mirror and say, oh wow that’s me.”