Celebrating Women: First female on Local TV news in the Quad Cities

Wendy Ellis broke barriers working as a TV reporter in 1973 on WHBF

Rock Island, Ill - She's the first lady of Quad Cities TV news.

Wendy Ellis was the first female to appear on local TV news in the Quad Cities in 1973.

She started as a reporter and backup "weather woman" at WHBF.

Wendy went on to cover events across the nation, that even included a visit from the Pope in Des Moines. 

In the mid-'70s, she worked her way up to the anchor desk, producing and solo-anchoring the 6 p.m. newscast.

"We didn't realize it at the time, but she was truly a pioneer," said her former co-anchor and now husband Paul Meincke.

Wendy and Paul went on to co-anchor the news on WHBF.

They eventually fell in love, started a family and moved to the Chicago area where Paul worked as a reporter.

Wendy left the station in 1982 after nine years on air.

During her last night on WHBF, Wendy delivered a heartfelt message to her viewers, "I'm not going to say goodbye because Paul and I will be coming back for visits. This is home, and home is where the heart is. Thank you."

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